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Broadacres ltd can provide logs and mulch of different grades. Our logs and mulch can either be delivered or collected.

Both are available in different grades depending on intended use and affordability. The majority of our customers choose a mix of hard and soft wood logs chopped to the size of their needs.

If you need a constant supply of fresh woodchip, please contact us for further details.


Our logs are seasoned for at least a year before being cut for sale. We aim to provide good quality wood to ensure value for money.


Adding mulch to your flower beds can have various positive benifits. For example, the mulch can help keep down unwanted weeds and also help stop water loss in the soil. Mulch can also be used to help stop temperature shock during colder temperatures.

Too much mulch can also cause a problem, allowing it to build up too much can stifle plants roots below. For best results as the mulch starts to degrade and turns a silver colour, try to turn over and mix the existing mulch before adding fresh.



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