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Tree Care can take many forms, below are a range of options available;


Tree Reductions and Shaping


This process reduces the height and width of your tree. We can either reduce the trees natural shape to which it has already grown, or we can reduce the tree to make a more even shape, for example reducing back one side of the tree which is over extending over a neighbours garden. To leave a more uniform tree shape like the one pictured to the left.


Crown Thinning and Dead Wood Removal


Thinning a trees crown can have many benificial effects. The process can re-balance a tree and take some of the weight out of already heavy branches thus creating a more stable tree. Limbs which are crossing over each other would also be removed during this service. Limbs which cross over each other and rub in the wind are a typical weak spot and can lead to disease at the affected area or total branch failure. Treating this early before the branches establish themselves is the best option.




Pollarding a tree means once your tree is reduced the process is then repeated between 1-5 years to the same pruning points. This encourages a stronger structure with small growth at the tips of the branches, just a couple of benefits from this are the tree will become safer from not having to hold so much weight and having less of a wind sail to potentially blow the tree over in strong winds and repeated maintenance will create a better shape. Below is a image of a tree being pollarded and the final result. Click to Enlarge the Images.

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